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14 Ways to Change Your Life in 2014

Don’t just make mindless resolutions – make a change in your life in 2014 with our 14 tips from our top health and beauty experts. Ayesha Muttucumaru guides you to a great year

A new year often holds the potential for a new start for most, so no matter what fitness and health-related resolutions you make this time around, let our GTG experts encourage and motivate you with some inspirational advice for achieving your goals in 2014.

We asked some of the industry’s most well known beauty, health, fitness and wellbeing experts for the one thing that we can all do to change our lives in the New Year. Whether your aim is to do more exercise, to eat healthier or to make more time to relax and de-stress, let these handy tip-offs show you how and act as your go-to guide for making next year your best one yet.

13. Take control of your hormones

Dr Marion Gluck, Medical Doctor and Specialist in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

“A decline in hormone levels is a natural occurrence as women and men age and unfortunately there is no way of preventing it. But exercise and a healthy lifestyle can help to maintain certain hormone levels, in particular testosterone levels.”

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