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The Marion Gluck Training Academy has been successfully training practitioners since 2018. Please see below case studies and testimonials from past delegates.

“I was amazed at how little the “mainstream” management of hormonal issues was dismissive and non-scientific. Too many patients either told to “get on with it” and accept the inevitable.

The course at Marion Gluck was extremely eye-opening. Bespoke management of patients through tests and properly performed history taking. What a revelation.

Women and men deserve to be managed properly and this course teaches the basics of that. After that it is up to you to get the experience, but the Gluck clinic still offers support after the courses.

Highly recommended”

Dr Paul Baguley

“I have been a qualified doctor for 15 years. I am a GP with various special interests but have not worked within any area of medicine as powerfully life changing until 2 years ago when I was introduced to bio-identical hormones via The Marion Gluck Institute. It has been a blessing to me and my patients to have access to this area of therapy to ameliorate menopausal and other hormone related symptoms. It has enabled me to help my patients to feel themselves again and in many cases they feel they have their life back. I was blown away by the easy improvement in acne on using a simple low dose progesterone cream in younger women – I think all GPs should be informed of this treatment modality! The access to ongoing support via email, remote dial-in meetings and monthly meetings in London has been commendable.”

Dr. Mariette Grant

My training began in January 2017 and had two fundamental components: (1) Introductory and (2) (and 6 months later) Advanced. When you undergo training at the ‘Marion Gluck Training Academy’ you acquire insight from the whole professional team and ,in effect, become part of a family, with so much support.

I loved the training materials and I still refer to them regularly.  I would highly recommend that before you go onto the advance course, Practitioners have some experience in prescribing Bioidentical Hormones – the recommended reading material will give you a depth that you can bring to your consultations.

One year on, I can’t imagine being a Practitioner now, without having had my training at the Marion Gluck Academy: ‘It has given me, as a professional a ‘depth’ in having the ability to assess patients not just ‘skin deep’ but to have incredible insight into internal ageing.

By choosing Marion Gluck Training Academy, quite plainly you are choosing ‘Simply the BEST’

Beverley Ashton, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

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