The Marion Gluck Clinic

Hormone rethink

“The next generation won’t have to suffer the violent swings of PMT or the ravages of the menopause once the use of bio-identical hormones becomes commonplace,” asserts Dr Marion Gluck, a specialist in the vagaries of the female endocrine system. “There will also be a mind shift, from treating imbalance to treating to stay healthy – hormonal checks will be offered routinely so symptoms can be pre-empted.” This is liberating stuff, and it brings a host of beauty benefits, too. Hair thinning, for example, or “crocodile” skin, associated with hormonal decline, will also be warded off. For now bio-identical hormones- that is, hormones derived from plant sources, which have an identical chemical structure to those made within our own bodies – are available now, but you need to know where to find them. On the NHS, it is synthetic hormones, such as the Pill or HRT, which act like our natural hormones – and sort of the do job – or nothing. Dr Gluck is a pioneer of bio-identical hormones, and privately treats teenage acne through to menopausal mood swings at her West London clinic ( The process of prescribing a bespoke cocktail, which acts gently and subtly, and is carefully balanced to an individual’s needs, is compelling. Dr Gluck has more than 200 formulations for hormone prescriptions, encompassing oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA, so no two patients are prescribed the same medicine. The current protocol, where millions of women take a on-size-fits-all pill, will soon feel distinctly unpalatable. Cheers to that.

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