The Marion Gluck Clinic

Look Young, Feel Younger

With more treatments than there are lines on our faces, choosing the most effective ways to combat ageing is harder than ever. Nathalie Eleni talks to five leading specialists to find out the secrets they swear by:

1. The Hormone Doctor, Dr Marion Gluck, Women’s Health Specialist

As we age, our hormones – which are essential for maintaining skin elasticity, skin moisture and muscle tone – decline, so by balancing them we can help maintain our energy levels, moods, libido and good skin. Once the ageing process begins (anytime around 40 for a woman), it’s a good idea to have hormone levels checked out and, if things are out of kilter, to consider balancing them with bio-identical hormones. These have the same molecular structure as those found in the human body and are completely natural. Bio-identical hormones are considered a safer option to synthetic hormone replacement therapy and can be taken as lozenges or applied as a cream.

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