The Marion Gluck Clinic

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Dr Marion Gluck has worked worldwide as a women’s health specialist and is a pioneer in treating hormonal imbalances with bio-identical hormones.

“I treat my patients as individuals and address their unique hormonal make-up, I then prescribe bespoke hormone medications rather than the conventional ‘one-size-fits-all,” she says.

Dr Gluck founded the Marion Gluck Clinic when she moved to London just over five years ago. The Marion Gluck Clinic soon became the main centre for bio-identical hormone treatment in the UK. Dr Jan Toledano and Dr Anu Arasu work alongside Dr Gluck at the clinic. They have both been through an accreditation programme designed and delivered by Dr Gluck.

The Marion Gluck Clinic believes in maintaining health by balancing hormones and preventing disease. The Marion Gluck Clinic has treated over 5000 patients who had conditions such as; menopause, PMS, post-natal depression, depression, migraine and thyroid imbalance.

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