The Marion Gluck Clinic

Tatler Experts: Who to see when your hormones are up the spout

What: Hormone therapy with Marion Gluck

The lowdown Something’s amiss. Either you’re getting a spot once a month, which is crazy since you’re way too old for that sort of malarkey. Or you find yourself raging so inappropriately that you wonder if you are going insane. So you go to Dr Marion Gluck because, it turns out, everyone – but everyone – goes to Marion Gluck. And Marion, thank your lunar cycle, has seen it all. Ears and bloodshed, hysteria and mania (Marion’s waiting room is like the land of the female dispossessed), depression, polycystic ovaries, decreased libido. They affect everything, these crazy invisible hormones: your memory, your brainpower, your concentration and, of course, your emotional stability. Her languid savvy may be an acquired taste but you can’t fault her science or her intuition. She’ll take your bloods, yes – but most of all, she’ll take you seriously. Maybe its menopause, maybe it’s osteoporosis. Either way, there are many options, including bioidential hormone replacement.

Our verdict A godsend for the right person.

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