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Specialist Pharmacy

The Specialist Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy located in the UK, specialising in the creation of bio-identical hormones for the use in BHRT. They compound bespoke medicines designed to treat the symptoms of the menopause and other hormone-related conditions, as an alternative solution to the ‘one size fits all’ approach of standard HRT. The Specialist Pharmacy also provide a range of hormone-based treatments, vitamins and supplements designed to complement their compounding offer.

Specialist Pharmacy is regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council, which has the responsibility of regulating all compounding pharmacies. This means that they prepare unlicensed medicine on a prescription-by-prescription basis.

The ingredients are sourced from large, reputable pharmaceutical suppliers, all of which are compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice as recognised by the EU.

When attending Course 1 you will have the chance to learn more about Specialist Pharmacy and how the bio-identical hormones that you go on to prescribe are made.

To compound medication, the pharmacy mixes a pre-prepared base with active ingredients (bio-identical hormones) in their state of the art laboratory.  Quality is of the highest importance and a computer-controlled process is employed to reduce and eliminate errors. Each prescription is assigned a unique barcode and high precision equipment is used to ensure consistency.

Each prescription is checked by the Superintendent Pharmacist, to ensure they comply with safety and quality checks. She is also responsible for ensuring that staff are well trained and that standard operating procedures are in place and followed.  Every prescription that is fulfilled at the Specialist Pharmacy can be traced back to its original formula, lab technician and ingredient source, offering both practitioners and patients even greater peace of mind and confidence.

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