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Course 2 – Developing your BHRT knowledge

This one-day course, developed by Dr Marion Gluck, gives you the chance to take your knowledge and experience in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to the next level. Following on from Course 1, it covers a wider range of hormonal conditions and how they can be treated using BHRT. The course looks at new methods of delivery and a broader spectrum of hormones, enabling you to feel confident in treating even more patients. You also will gain an introduction into how to treat andropause and optimise men’s health.

Hormone changes affect every aspect of our health and this course will provide you with a greater understanding of how this can affect a patient’s skin, hair and genital health.  It is also designed to provide expertise in a greater range of treatment options using the proven ‘Marion Gluck Method’ and will enable you to offer your patients a more comprehensive approach to personalised medicine.

Ongoing post-course support forms part of the course programme and will include expert help with your patient case studies, so you can feel confident in offering this treatment to your patients.

Course outcomes

After the course you will have increased confidence in:

  • Understanding how and when to prescribe testosterone and DHEA for treating andropause, peri-menopause and menopause
  • Understanding the role of estriol and testosterone for vaginal dryness and libido
  • How to convert HRT patients to BHRT, and understanding the role of contraception
  • When and how to prescribe transdermal cream, lozenges, capsules or pessaries for BHRT treatment
  • Understanding how skin changes from peri-menopause and how to treat it using topical hormone treatment
  • Understand how hair can change during hormonal shifts

*Please note that if you are not a UK registered practitioner and live outside of the UK, you will need to consider prescription compounded bio-identical hormone supply source in your local region. In addition, for all clinic regulatory compliance such as the Care Quality Commission, practitioners are advised to make their own inquiries to determine if registration is required.

The Foundation cC
ourse in Women’s Health is automatically offered as a complimentary course when courses 1 and 2 are purchased together at the same time. It is recommended to complete the Foundation Course to build knowledge before starting course 1 and 2. For prescribing practitioners without any female health experience, this course is mandatory before completing course 1.

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