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Why Train?

If you are a prescribing medical practitioner, the chances are that you have seen patients suffering from hormonal conditions. Whether they are experiencing physical symptoms such as acne, or hormonal shifts like menopause, these conditions require effective diagnosis and patients deserve to see every treatment option available to them.

Your Patients

The Marion Gluck Training Academy will equip you with the knowledge and skills to diagnose and treat patients suffering from a wide range of hormonal imbalances, including peri-menopause, menopause, PMS and more. If you are able to fulfil the increasing demand for alternative treatment options, you will not only be able to better help your patients achieve optimum health and hormonal balance, offering them new hope and opportunity to manage symptoms that they will often have been told were unable to be resolved.  

Your Knowledge

The Marion Gluck Training Academy caters for training from the very beginning, starting with a basic foundation in women’s health. Over course 1 & 2, you not only learn how to prescribe medications but also cover diagnosis, blood test results, nutrition, consultations and more, giving you every tool to effectively treat patients with everything from simple hormonal imbalances to more complex issues. This invaluable knowledge will stay with you for life, opening up new career opportunities, enabling the shift to private practice or helping your business to expand beyond conventional medicine. Not only are our expert trainers are ready and waiting to impart their extensive knowledge and experience on both of our in-depth training days, but you will also receive ongoing support from the training academy as you implement your knowledge for your patients. This support will increase your confidence further and means you will continue to learn even after the course ends.

Your Practice

The Marion Gluck Training Academy is currently the only course of its kind in the UK to offer an accreditation in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, giving both you and your patients peace of mind. By attaining this accreditation and offering BHRT, you will be able to introduce an entirely new income stream to your practice. Offering patients variety and choice that they cannot get elsewhere will set your practice apart, no matter what area of medicine you specialise in. Make yourself stand out from the competition and stay ahead of the crowd with cutting-edge treatment and ongoing support from the Marion Gluck Training Academy.

If you're ready to take the next step in becoming an expert in BHRT, book your place on our CPD accredited courses with the Marion Gluck Training Academy.

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