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Introduction to Bio-Identical Hormones for Aesthetic Practitioners

Help your patients look good and feel good

With the surge in aesthetic treatments, patients not only want to look good, but feel good also. This introductory one-day course will give you a unique opportunity to understand the role of hormones and how you can use bioidentical hormones in your practice. After the course you will have increased confidence in:

  • Understanding the role and benefits of hormones: progesterone, oestrogen, testosterone, DHEA and vitamin D
  • Understanding the difference between BHRT and HRT
  • Understanding the menstrual cycle and steroid pathway
  • Reading and interpreting a hormone profile to support the diagnosis of common conditions
  • Diagnosing and treating premenstrual syndrome (PMS), perimenopause and menopause using oestrogen and progesterone
  • Building bio-identical hormone therapy into your existing practice

Our upcoming course 1 – Introduction to BHRT dates in 2018: Friday 13th April, Friday 11th May and Friday 8th June.

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Course 2 – Developing your knowledge

Following on from Course 1, this course covers a wider range of hormonal conditions and how they can be treated using BHRT. The course looks at new methods of delivery and a broader spectrum of hormones, enabling you to feel confident in treating even more patients. You also will gain an introduction into how to treat andropause and optimise men’s health. After the course you will have increased confidence in:

  • Understanding how and when to prescribe testosterone and DHEA for treating andropause, perimenopause and menopause
  • Understanding the role of estriol and testosterone for vaginal dryness and libido
  • How to convert HRT patients to BHRT, and understanding the role of contraception
  • When and how to prescribe transdermal cream, lozenges, capsules or pessaries for BHRT treatment
  • Understanding how skin changes from perimenopause and how to treat it using topical hormone treatment
  • Understand how hair can change during hormonal shifts

Our upcoming course 1 – Introduction to BHRT dates in 2018: Saturday 14th April and Saturday 12th May

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Our courses are £995.00 (VAT not included) click here to find out more about what is included in the price.

Each course  provides 6 CPD points over 6 CPD hours and is open to prescribing medical professionals who are registered with an appropriate regulatory body.

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