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Specialist Pharmacy held its first BHRT symposium on 23rd September 2023 at the Royal Society of Medicine, London. The talks were recorded and are available for a fee of £30.

Speaker Bios and talk titles:
Dr Harpal Bains, LDN for Female Health and Longevity

After finding the world of bioidentical hormone optimisation and later, functional medicine in the USA, Dr Bains founded Harpal Clinic in 2013, excited by the prospect of longevity medicine and the potential it had in transforming the face of medicine.

After leaving the NHS, she worked as a surgeon at Marie Stopes, consulted at a male sexual dysfunction clinic and worked with ex-SAS servicemen training journalists in hostile region survival.

During this time, she developed experience in sexual health, psychosexual medicine and aesthetic medicine. This eventually led to her interest in hormone optimisation, longevity medicine and functional medicine. Her well-rounded experience lent itself to creating protocols combining these different forms of medicine, at a time when there was limited access to these specialities, especially in the UK.

Dr Bains writes a lot – both creatively and medically – and is working on a book about her patients’ journey to improved health.

Dr Sally Moorcroft; A Functional Medicine Approach to Endometriosis

Dr. Moorcroft has 20 years of clinical experience and is one of the most highly trained Integrative and Functional Medicine doctors in the UK. She is also a Core Tutor at the National Centre of Integrated Medicine in Bristol (NCIM). Combining functional and nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, bio-identical hormone and natural desiccated thyroid therapy in her clinic. She has a special interest in women’s health, menopause, gut health and psychology.

Her qualifications include a BSc (Hons) in Herbal Medicine, Medical Homeopathy (MFHom) through the National Centre for Integrative Medicine, Bristol. She is also trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Acupuncture and Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and Natural Dessicated Thyroid therapy.

Dr Sally Moorcroft has over 10 years experience of working with the gut microbiome and hormone imbalance, and her gut healing programme was successfully filmed for Channel 4 How Healthy is your Gut. She is a national speaker on Women’s Health and lead of our women’s health clinic with 17 years experience in this area. She is trained in Bio-Identical Hormone therapy and Natural Desiccated Thyroid through the Marion Gluck Clinic, London the UK’s leading hormone-balancing clinic that provides bioidentical HRT.

Dr Gustavo Torres; DNA Testing for Hair Loss

Holding a degree in Pharmacy, Gustavo has built specialist skills in human stem cell research, human genetics, and computational chemistry. This robust foundation underpins further study in Genetics and Biotechnology,  in the field of molecular genetics, genome editing, and the production of recombinant human proteins. This expertise led him to pursuing a postdoctoral role at the Human Genome and Stem Cell Research Centre at the University of São Paulo, where pivotal research in genome editing techniques was conducted. Currently, as a Senior Scientist at Fagron Genomics, Gustavo furthers initiatives to develop innovative pharmacogenetic tests, in an effort to translate it into personalised medicine.

Mr Vivek Nama; Non-conventional Treatments for Vaginal Atrophy and Incontinence

Mr Nama has over 18 years of experience in gynaecology and gynaecological oncology. Mr Nama constantly thrives to provide an evidence-based approach to his practice and that is made easier by his research activities. If you are concerned about any gynaecological condition, Mr Nama will be able to help you.

Mr Nama specialises in gynaecological cancers which have provided him with the skill to perform complex operations with ease. He also has an interest in Colposcopy, Smear abnormalities and complex Hormone  replacement therapy (HRT) including body identical and bio-identical HRT.

Dr Ghazala Aziz- Scott; The Power of Pregnenolone and its metabolites

Dr Ghazala Aziz-Scott studied Neuroscience at Cambridge University and then Clinical Medicine at Oxford University. She is now the Clinical Lead Doctor for the Marion Gluck Clinic providing expertise in integrative women’s health, bioidentical hormone balancing and Functional Medicine. Ghazala has a holistic approach to treating patients, respecting the physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions that impact health and wellness. She has trained with the Marion Gluck Training Academy and the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM).

Patrick Holford; What’s Driving Cognitive Decline?

Patrick Holford, BSc, DipION, FBANT, NTCRP, is a pioneer in the field of nutrition. He is the author of 37 books, translated into over 30 languages and selling millions of copies worldwide, including The Optimum Nutrition Bible, The Low GL-Diet Bible, Optimum Nutrition for the Mind and The 10 Secrets of 100% Healthy People, 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing and Good Medicine.

Patrick started his academic career in the field of psychology. He then became a student of two of the leading pioneers in nutrition medicine and psychiatry – the late Dr Carl Pfeiffer and Dr Abram Hoffer. In 1984 he founded the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION), an independent educational charity, with his mentor, twice Nobel Prize winner Dr Linus Pauling, as patron. ION has been researching and helping to define what it means to be optimally nourished for the past 25 years and is one of the most respected educational establishments for training nutritional therapists. At ION, Patrick was involved in groundbreaking research showing that multivitamins can increase children’s IQ scores – the subject of a Horizon television documentary in the 1980s. He was one of the first promoters of the importance of zinc, antioxidants, high-dose vitamin C, essential fats, low-GL diets and homocysteine-lowering B vitamins and their importance in Alzheimer’s disease prevention.

Patrick is the Founder of the Food for the Brain Foundation and on the board of trustees, and a Director of the Brain Bio Centre, the Foundation’s treatment centre that specialises in helping those with mental health issues, ranging from depression to schizophrenia. He is an honorary fellow of the British Association of Nutritional Therapy, as well as a member of the Nutrition Therapy Council and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. He is also Patron of the South African Association of Nutritional Therapy. In 2014 Patrick was inducted to the Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame.



Copies of slides can be made available upon request