Foundation in Women’s Health

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Foundation Course in Women’s Health

This foundation e-learning course has been developed to give practitioners a basic understanding of women’s health, the role of hormones and current menopause diagnosis and management.

Dr. Marion Gluck is a pioneer and world-leading expert in bio-identical hormone therapy (BHRT). With over 25 years’ experience specialising in BHRT, she set up the first UK academy in 2016 to enable other practitioners to help their patients. In doing so, there has been significant demand for basic level training to act as a foundation for ongoing training or simply for essential knowledge

This new e-learning course serves both as a preliminary course to go on to complete course 1 and 2 where you can learn how to diagnose and prescribe BHRT. It also serves as a course for practitioners that are just looking to understand the essential basics in women’s health to widen their knowledge base in order to have a better understanding of what options are available to their patients and clients.

The course offers the very latest information on diagnosis and management across all licensed (both synthetic and body-identical) and unlicensed options. The training provides a factual overview of women’s health and hormones, enabling you to understand the full picture of how menopause is managed today.

Course outcomes

By completing the course, you will gain an understanding of:

  • Basic female anatomy and physiology of key female reproductive organs
  • The key hormones involved in regulating the menstrual cycle and the phases that take place each month
  • The key physiological events that take place during an average woman’s life and the hormonal changes behind these
  • The main female steroid hormones, their receptors, and impact within the body
  • The current treatment guidelines and recommendations for menopause in the UK
  • How menopause may be diagnosed and managed in the UK along with key screening events for women
  • The various hormonal treatments options that are available to manage menopausal symptoms in women

Other info:

Flexible online access  
CPD (1) points over 1 CPD hour (allow up to 3 hours)

Requirements to attend course

  • Healthcare practitioner (either non-prescribing or prescribing)
  • Naturopaths and Nutritionists, and other alternative healthcare are welcome to complete this course for knowledge purposes.
  • For nurse practitioners without any women’s health experience, this foundation course, or similar course held by the British Menopause Society is a requirement before completing course 1: Introduction to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and 2: Developing your knowledge.